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Penis Sleeves (15)

Use Penis Extension & Sleeves, Start the Night With an Orgasm!

The penis sleeve is one of the more popular sex toys as it can really help couples increase their sexual pleasure during intercourse. Sexoralab's official online store has a range of penis sleeves for you to choose from!

The penis sleeve is a silicone sex toy used to treat erectile dysfunction or enhance sexual function. Penis sleeves without holes can also function as condoms.
Penis support sleeves are also known as: Penis sleeves, Cock sleeves, Penis sheaths.
Penis sleeves are an option for people who do not want to undergo medication or surgery to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition, they are non-medicated, which means they can be purchased without a prescription.
Penis sleeves may come in different designs, including: soft rubbery textures, stronger materials, open-ended, and hollow materials with space inside.
Some of the benefits of penis sleeves include: acting as a penis extender by increasing length and girth, increasing sexual pleasure and orgasm for both partners, increasing stamina by decreasing sensitivity, and extending the duration of sex, adding some variety to sex.